Star Wars: The Old Republic release date lightspeed jumps forward

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star wars the old republic.jpgEA have now announced that the eagerly-anticipated Star Wars: The Old Republic will have its European release date pushed forward two days to December 20th 2011.

This puts the sci-fi MMO’s UK release date the same as its US arrival, after previously having been expected to hit shelves and online download portals on December 22nd.

One of EA’s most expensive undertakings ever for a single title, SW:TOR has reportedly cost somewhere between $80 million and $300 million to make.

That said, subscriptions to the Jedi japes will be reasonable enough, matching rival World of Warcraft pound-for-pound.

Subscriptions for UK consumers will cost £8.99 per month, with three months will costing £25.17 and six months £46.14.

If you’re a US or European gamer subscription prices are as follows: $14.99/€12.99, $41.97/€35.97 and $77.94/€65.94.

Gerald Lynch
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