October 14th is (potentially) International Steve Jobs Appreciation Day!

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“Happy International Steve Jobs Appreciation Day!”

That’s what we could all be proclaming annually come October 14th if a new project by creative firm StudioCom proves successful.

They’ve started a movement online hoping to have October 14th become an official day of tribute to the Apple Chairman of the Board, hoping that those who find the enigmatic Cupertino King as admirable as they do will dress up in turtlenecks, go on an App Store download spree and hold mass public burnings of any device that is Adobe Flash compatible.

Or something.

Jobs has done some great things in his day, no question about that, but I’ve only got room in my calendar annually for one bizarre holiday, and International Steve Jobs Appreciation Day just doesn’t cut it alongside Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Unless tonight’s iPhone 5 showcase leaves me praying at the Altar of Apple too of course…

Gerald Lynch
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