iPad Mini on the way? Apple rumoured to be testing smaller tablet screens

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With the iPhone 4S out of the way, all eyes are now on what Apple may have planned for their tablet range. And if you’re a fan of big pockets (or have dainty digits) you’ll be pleased to hear that rumours of a smaller iPad have returned.

According to Unwired View, an iPad Mini may be the eventual result of Apple testing a slew of LG display and AU Optronics screens.

The screen size in question would be around 7.85 inches, while the source also claims that the resolution of the iPad 2 would be retained. They go so far as to claim that specs for the device have been locked-down and that Apple will ship the tablet next year.

Certainly Apple have been trying to drive the hardware price of tablets down, but an iPad Mini just doesn’t rub with us. Steve Jobs vehemently denied the need for slates smaller than the original iPad.

Would Apple green-light a u-turn on the late co-founders wishes so soon after his death? Unlikely, and very un-Apple anyway. If Apple were looking to go down the budget route, we’d imagine a tablet of identical size to the iPad, but with perhaps a less powerful processor, less storage, and no “premium” features like 3G connectivity.

Gerald Lynch
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