Free iTunes books and music downloads with your Monday Starbucks coffee

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starbucks-iphone-thumb.jpg Do you want some Coldplay with your Chai Crème Frappuccino blended beverage? Then get yourself down to Starbucks on a Monday morning. As part of a new partnership with Apple, the ubiquitous coffee shop chain will be offering a “Pick of the Week” iTunes music or book download to every customer.

700 Starbucks stores across the UK will offer download code cards along with purchases, which are redeemable through the iTunes store. Kicking off with a track by singer-songwriter James Morrison and the ebook Limitless by Alan Glynn, future downloads will include tracks from the likes o fColdplay, Tony Bennett, Norah Jones, and The Kooks, as well as The Damned UTD by David Pearce.

Users will have 60 days to redeem the free downloads.

A similar initiative has run across the chain’s US stores since 2006.

Brian Waring, vice president of marketing for Starbucks UK, said: “Digital offers are very important to us and making WiFi freely available across our stores is the foundation for many other plans we have moving forward. Content partnerships are key and we also have an extremely exciting digital programme ahead for 2012.”

Starbucks now also offer free Wi-Fi across their UK stores, meaning you’ll be able to grab the downloads while sipping your coffee too.

Gerald Lynch
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