Apple to launch movie streaming service?

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iTunes music has already made the jump to the cloud, and it now seems Apple may be looking to do something similar with movies too. The iPad manufacturers are looking into launching a movie streaming service to rival LOVEFiLM and Netflix, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Working in a similar way to the iTunes Match service, customers who buy a flick through the iTunes Store would be given the option to watch a streamed version of the movie on any other device they may have, be that an iPod, iPad, Apple TV, PC, iPhone or Mac, without manually transferring the file.

Though services like LOVEFiLM and Netflix have loyal customer bases, the might of Apple paired with the extensive nature of their movie catalogue could make them a real force in the movie streaming sphere.

If anyone would be able to secure Hollywood licenses, you’d bet your bottom dollar on it being Apple.

Gerald Lynch
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