Personnel Management: a new way of thinking with HR self-service software

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It is impossible for companies to continue to remain stuck in their old way of doing things, when it comes to Human Resources and personnel management. The world is a very fast paced place and with the ever increasing need for all things to be done at speed, HR has had to move with the times.

Some companies are being left behind, some are flying ahead on the wings ever-developing technology and others are beginning to understand that a diverse modern workforce can do an awful lot for themselves in terms of keeping their personal details up to date.

The term for such HR software is self-service HR. Employees are provided with access to enable them to update their personal details or request leave for instance. This enables HR employees to spend time on more on effective HR requirements and gives other employees more control of their personal details data.

The overall benefits of a self-service HR function reduces the number of errors that can occur in terms of change of address for example and more importantly reduces dramatically the amount of paper work that can at times swamp HR departments. Self-service HR software also provides an effective method for management to access employee’s individual data and to monitor such things as holiday leave, sickness absence and can be an effective tool to conduct appraisal or performance reviews.

Self-service HR software does not in any way reduce the amount of control management has over the overall HR records – employees will only be provided access to relevant data input areas of the HR record, management can securely extract report data that may be required and can also input secure data themselves, restricting some data entry from employee access.

The restriction of access operates through a system of access privilege levels. For example a member of staff could place a request for holiday leave at one level of the system and authorisation for the leave would occur at management level, accessed via management privilege. Very efficient, very secure and extremely effective in terms of employee time!

How does a self-service HR system operate when such things as a holiday request requires approval – quite simply the system utilises an e-mail alert system. The holiday request generates an e-mail alert to line management – once authorised the employee receives an e-mail alert to indicate authorisation.

It is so efficient that the older ways of authorising holiday leave cannot be comprehended. The holiday record sheet, filling out the dates, sending the paperwork to HR, waiting for the form to be returned on and on and on. Fast and efficient self-service HR software is now the way of the world for leading edge businesses. For forward looking companies it is a progressive process and for organisations with paper based HR functions it has got to be something they must consider. HR self-service software is the way forward. It’s not just a method of company progression, it is a way to empower a diverse workforce.

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