Gears of War 3 for £1.99? Yes please!

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Gears 3 - Horde_Hotel_E3_02.jpgGears of War 3 is finally here! And if your pockets are feeling lighter than you’d like, fear not! There are a ton of deals to make picking up this year’s biggest Xbox 360 shooter a little (or a lot!) more affordable.

The best of the deals is over at HMV, where you can trade in the patchy Dead Island zombie game and get the superb new Gears title for just £1.99.

Morrisons and Tesco are doing deals that bag you Microsoft points along with the Epic Games epic, while Asda and Best Buy are both knocking off a few quid from the RRP price.

The deals in full are as follows.

– HMV: £1.99 with Dead Island trade-in, or £37.99 normally
– Morrisons: £25 with 2100 Microsoft Points Card at £18.99
– £32.99
– Tesco: £37.90 with free 800 Microsoft Points Card worth £6.80
– Asda: £37.97 in-store
– Blockbuster: £34.99 with a pre-order, otherwise £39.99

Click here for our full review of Gears of War 3. We thought it was pretty excellent.

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