Dead Sea Scrolls brought to life online by Google

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The 2,400 years old Dead Sea Scrolls are being brought into the digital age by Google, who’ve announced that the ancient texts are the latest they’ve managed to digitise and make available to all readers via the web.

The scrolls contain the oldest known and preserved Biblical writings, and can now be accessed through the library collection arm of The Israel Musuem.

The texts are reproduced online through super-high res 1,200 megapixel stitched images, which can be fully text-searched. Images of the scrolls will now be appearing in relevant Google search engine results too.

The Dead Sea Scrolls join a host of 17th and 18th century texts from the British Library that Google have also digitised, as well as Darwin’s own hand-annotated personal library.

For more info on the digitisation process, click here.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Catholicism is one of the sects the Bible speaks about as coming in the Lord’s name but he had not sent them

  • I very much doubt the Vatican have released the complete scrolls. They have several which they’ve refused to release to the public for decades. Probably because they contain information which throws into doubt many of their beliefs.

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