Apple's iPhone 5 design outed by Case-Mate?

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iPhone-5-casemate-mock.jpgPsssst. PSSSSSST. Can you keep a secret? Yeah?

Good, because we think we may have just got our first glimpse at the design of the iPhone 5. Don’t tell Apple though, as this first look hasn’t come from Cupertino. Instead, it’s cover designers Case-Mate who have spilt the beans by releasing mock-ups of a forthcoming iPhone 5 shell range on their website.

The photo above appears to show a smartphone slimmer than that of the iPhone 4, but one with a significantly larger, wider screen, closer in proportion to that of an iPad.

With a slight taper on the rear, the mute switch appears to have swapped sides too, with a strip of black volume buttons rather than the iPhone 4’s rounded chrome ones.

Case-Mate have now pulled the images, further fuelling speculation that they were the real deal. The product page has now been replaced with a pre-order option, under the heading “We’ll have your cases when you have your new iPhone”.

The big teases. Of course we’ll have to wait to hear official confirmation from Apple themselves before we’ll believe any of the rumours surrounding the iPhone 5. But one thing’s for certain; if those Case-Mate images are indeed showing off the next-gen Jesus Phone, you can bet Apple will be none-too pleased, to put it lightly.

Gerald Lynch
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