APP OF THE DAY: Legend of the Fish of Fury (iPad, iPod, iPhone)

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It’s not often you can indulge the two disparate interests of marine biology and martial arts at the same time, but the cartoon brawler Legend of the Fish of Fury for Apple’s touchscreen devices lets you do just that.

A gesture and touch based fighting game that takes as many cues from Finding Nemo as it does Street Fighter, the app lets you go fin-to-fin with eight fishy foes in four different game modes.

Use double taps to punch and swipes to kick and block before hitting the lightning bolt icon to pull off a filleting finisher. Arcade mode gives you as many tries as you like to defeat the scaly scallywags, but Survival mode is where the real fun lies, pitting you against all 7 challengers and sending you back to the first battle if you fail to fell your foe.

It’s not quite as deep as the Mariana Trench, but if you’re looking for a game that swaps Hadoukens for haddock, this will be right up your stream.

Out now, grab Legend of the Fish of Fury for iPhone, iPod, and iPad for 69p from Apple’s App Store.

Gerald Lynch
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