The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC to initially be Xbox 360 exclusive

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Skyrim, the fifth installement in the veritable Elder Scrolls RPG series may not hit stores until November the 11th, but developers Bethesda already have DLC waiting in the wings.

They’ve also got a preffered launch console for DLC too. Adventurers looking to extend the life of Skyrim beyond its out-of-the-box content should grab it on the Xbox 360, who will get first dibs on any downloadable add-on packs 30 days before their PC and PS3 counterparts.

It was the same story with Fallout 3 DLC, so it’s not that unexpected that Microsoft have again bagged the exclusivity deal with Bethesda.

Not that that should worry PC and PS3 fans too much though. They too will get all DLC a month or so after Xbox players, and will be safe in the knowledge that any bugs will have been encountered on the Xbox 360 first of all.

After all, there’s no point moaning when we don’t even know just how good the game is going to turn out yet (though it looks fantastic), let alone what the DLC will be. No one needs another horse armour pack, do they?

Gerald Lynch
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