Nikon's first rugged camera revealed as the Coolpix AW100

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nikon-coolpix-aw100.jpgNikon may be a little late to the party when it comes to rugged, tough cameras, but at least their first offering (the Coolpix AW100, revealed today) is packed to the rafters with nifty features.

Shockproof from heights of 1.5 metres, waterproof to 10 metres and withstanding cold temperatures as low as -10 degrees, it’ll handle pretty much any extreme situation that the average person could possibly find themselves in. It may not be one for Bear Grylls, but it’ll certainly do for Joe Bloggs.

A 16 MP snapper, its more tech-y features include GPS mapping (including built-in maps) and geo-tagging, a back-illuminated CMOS sensor and Easy Panorama modes for 180/360degree shots.

One handed shots are made easy with an “Action Control” button, allowing you to change settings with it pressed down by swinging the camera around, while the camera canbe set to automatically adjust brightness and white balance settings amonst others based on lighting conditions.

Available in orange, black and camouflage, Nikon’s Coolpix AW100 is out on the 8th September, costing £329.99.

Gerald Lynch
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