iPhone 4 price cuts hint at imminent iPhone 5 reveal

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iPhone 4 official.jpegThey’re dropping like flies! The prices of iPhone 4 handsets that is, which can mean only one thing; the iPhone 5 launch is just around the corner.

Though Apple have yet to reveal details on the iPhone 5, let alone a release date, it seems retailers are gearing up to shift stock of the 4th generation Apple smartphone to make way for its successor. Arstechnica are reporting that US stores including Target and Radio Shack are cutting the price of the phone and offering trade-in incentives in order to free up inventory space before the rush for the iPhone 5 kicks in, making the iPhone 4 presumably far less appealing.

The rapid price reductions seem to suggest that, contrary to previous reports, the iPhone 5 may still be revealed in September, rather than October. A September launch would also allow Apple to factor in iPhone 5 sales into their next-quarter sales forecasts, which would coincide with the Christmas rush and have dollar signs flashing in the eyes of cigar-chomping investors.

No concrete details on the iPhone 5 are available yet apart from the presumption that it will ship with the latest iOS5 operating system build which brings iCloud functionality. However, it’s not too much of a push to expect the A5 chip present in the iPad 2 to make an appearance, as well as a slimmer frame, larger display and a camera resolution improvement too.

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