VIDEO: New Sony S1 and S2 tablet teasers show off PSOne gaming

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Sony are being real teases when it comes to their two first forays in the world of tablet tech. Drip feeding info with a series of domino-run inspired clips, the latest vid offers a little more insight than those that have preceded it.

Looking first at the dual-screen S2 tablet, we’re shown the tablet used as a two-page book-like e-reader, giving it a unique handle on digital books so far only successfully popularised by the Nintendo DS’s 100 Classic Books title.

The video also shows how games will appear on the S2, and the quality that we can expect to find too. PSOne classic Crash Bandicoot (which was revived this year on another Sony product, the Xperia Play gaming smartphone) is shown off. Sony has hinted that virtual controls will dominate the lower screen on the S2 when gaming in landscape mode, but the video seems to suggest that the PlayStations trigger buttons will be mapped to the top screen, for PS One games ported to the tablet at the very least.

The video is less revealing when it comes to the S1, with the slope-lipped tablet filmed playing back The Green Hornet movie to a miniature cinema crowd.

Specs are still thin on the ground for Sony’s Android-based tablets, but with a Christmas release expected, more is certain to be revealed closer to launch.

Gerald Lynch
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