The sound of a future long past: Apple finally offer custom text tones with iOS 5


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It’s a feature so ridiculous in its absence that it’s been a low blow in the ongoing fanboy war between iPhone users and “Fandroids”, but iOS 5 will finally allow iPhone owners to set custom text tones.

Truly spoiling us, Apple are also opening up almost all notification sounds for customisation. You’ll be able to tweak voicemails, email, sent mail, sent tweets, calendar alerts and reminders to any sound you see fit.

Of course, if you’re an iPhone jailbreaker or the owner of practically any other phone released in the past decade this is a totally moot and decrepit addition. But if like many you play by Apple’s rules with their devices, you’re now finally free of the tyranny of their rigid tones.

Via: Tech Crunch

Gerald Lynch
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