Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector's Edition revealed

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Though we’re no closer to getting a release date for Bioware’s upcoming MMORPG epic Star Wars: The Old Republic, we do now know what you’ll be getting inside the more-money-than-sense Collector’s Edition of the PC game.

Inside the premium metal case you’ll find a 9 inch Gentle Giant Darth Malgus statue, a map, a CD soundtrack, the “The Journal of Master Gnost-Dural” (which will likely offer art and some backgroud lore from the in-game Jedi Master) and seven digital in-game items, one of which is an exclusive and intriguing in-game items store that only Collector’s Edition owners will have access to.

A Digital Deluxe edition, available through EA’s Origin Store, will also be available, packing in just the digital extras at a reduced price.

If you’ve clicked the story in the first place though that’s because you’re a sucker for all that physical gaming memorabilia, so you’ll be pleased to hear that the pricing for the boxed Collector’s Edition has been revealed. You’ll be less pleased however to hear that it’s a whopping £130/ €150, and that’s before you’ve factored in monthly subscription costs.

We’d advise trying using an old Jedi mind trick on your local game store clerk, if you don’t have that sort of cash to splash.

Click here for our hands-on preview session with The Old Republic.

Gerald Lynch
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