Spotify launches in the US TODAY! Finally!

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Spotify, the music streaming service that has offered millions of tracks at the push of a button to much of Europe for a few years now, is finally getting an official, finalised launch in the USA today.

It’s taken two years to get the major US record labels onside, but as of today, US listeners will be able to join the service through subscription of invitiation.

“We were really adamant about bringing the service to the US, which means a really great, free experience,” said Ken Parks, chief content officer.

“We wanted to be really careful about the way we did this, and the rights holders felt the same way.

“It took some time, but we’re absolutely thrilled that all four major labels and a ton of indies are behind us, and we’ll be bringing that Spotify experience to the US tomorrow.”

We’re still waiting on US price plans, but it seems that prices will be (numerically at least) the same as in the UK. So, you’ll get a free, ad-funded option, an add-free desktop only option rumoured to cost $4.99 and a Premium option allowing mobile and desktop use, offline, for $9.99 a month.

Factor in exchange rates however and the US service, if those prices prove true, is markedly cheaper.

Gerald Lynch
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