Next Xbox to have Avatar-quality graphics, say AMD

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While we’re still very much in the rumour stages of what to expect from a new Xbox console, a new report from the American arm of the Official Xbox Magazine has revealed some very exciting details indeed, especially if you like your games consoles jam-packed with dynamite graphics capabilities.

A representative of AMD, the company behind the Xbox 360’s (and we’d presume its successor’s) graphics chip has made the startling claim that the next iteration of Microsoft’s console will be able to render visuals of the same photo-real quality as that of James Cameron’s 3D sci-fi epic Avatar.

Neil Robison, director of ISV relationships at AMD, is the person who spilled the beans, also revealing that NPC characters from open-world games like Grand Theft Auto IV or Saints Row will be able to be programmed with distinct and individual personalities, making every virtual character vital rather than just replicated mobs.

It’s incredible stuff, technology of the sort that isn’t even available at the highest levels of PC gaming yet. But that’s all potentially possible with an Xbox 720 launch, according to the team that will almost certainly provide the console’s vital organs.

Time to get very excited indeed.

Via: US Official Xbox Magazine/ Kotaku/ Games Examiner

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