Michael Phelps' 'Push The Limit' Kinect game debuts at Shanghai Fina Swimming tournament

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Push The Limit, the Xbox 360 Kinect game starring half man/half fish Olympian Michael Phelps, has made its public debut at Shanghai’s Fina Swimming World Championships. Keeping their feet firmly on dry land, the attending vistors and media were able to get in the virtual pool for the first hands on sessions with the game.

Using the Xbox 360’s Kinect controller, players mimic swimming moves with their arms, with their stroke styles replicated on screen.

“Michael Phelps’ Push The Limit takes the thrill of competitive swimming from the pool and into the living room, giving even those who don’t swim regularly the chance to get involved and engage with the sport,” said Sean Hastings, Vice President of Product and Marketing at Speedo International.

“I’m sure that individuals, friends and families worldwide will enjoy the challenge of taking on Michael Phelps, and we hope it may even inspire those who play the game to take to the pool for real!”

We’ll have a full review of Michael Phelps’ Push The Limit in October, so be sure to check back then to see how much fun swimming on the sofa really is.

Gerald Lynch
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