HTC Bliss: The (unwarranted) return of the girly phone

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htc-bliss.JPGWhen it came to phones, we thought we’d seen the end of the tech gender divide. Hadn’t the unnecessary (and downright offensive) pink and sparkly “girly” phone died out with the demise of the feature phone and the rise of the smartphone?

Apparently not, or at least nobody passed the memo onto HTC. They’re readying the HTC Bliss which, while neither pink nor sparkly, still has a female focus of the most condescending kind.

Though specs are slim pickings at the moment (and we wouldn’t expect them to be too mind blowing considering what we’re about to reveal as its headline feature), the Bliss handset’s main USP will be its “notifications charm”, a blinking dangly ornament that will flash when you get an email, text or calendar reminder.

The cord/chain the notifications charm dangles on will also make the phone easier for ladies to pull out of their handbags apparently. Because, of course, ladies are less dextrous than their male counterparts.

The Android phone will also come with its own docking cradle.

Hoepfully the spec sheet will give the HTC Bliss some much needed credibility, or HTC may as well spray it pink and glue a load of diamonique fake diamonds on it and be done with.

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