Harry Potter headed to Google eBooks


Pottermore, the still-mysterious Harry Potter themed social network, is to team up with Google eBooks to sell the boy wizard’s adventures in digital formats.

US readers will be able to buy the Potter books through the Google store and add them to their Google Books libraries, where they will be stored in the cloud and made accessible on multiple ereader platforms. As a US only service at the moment, it’s unclear yet when Google eBooks will launch in the UK.

The launch of Pottermore will represent the first time the Harry Potter books have been available digitally to buy.

As well as being able to buy the eBooks directly from the magical social network, Pottermore will offer exclusive behind the scenes content, including video, illustrations and interactive content.

Furthering the Google partnership, all Pottermore video content will be hosted by YouTube, while Google Checkout will be used to conduct the sales of other magical items through the socal network.

Gerald Lynch
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  • I’ll totally rebuy these books and find some way to transfer them to my Kindle. I travel from Texas to Florida at least once a year and having books on my Kindle is wonderfully convenient. 🙂

  • It’s about time. I have all of the books in hardback to collect but I have no desire to give myself back pain by hauling any of them around. I’m just glad it’s not an Amazon exclusive, since I don’t own a Kindle. Google Books was the best format for everyone (except Kindle users, I guess) since I can use my Nook Color.

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