3D-only future for Prometheus director Ridley Scott

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prometheus_660.jpgDirector Ridley Scott, the brains behind the iconic Alien and Bladerunner flicks, has vowed only ever to work in 3D for his future movies.

The 3D epiphany moment for Scott came while working on his latest project, the 3D Prometheus film, set in the same universe as his Alien creations. It is the first time Scott has worked with the extra dimension made popular once more by James Cameron’s Avatar.

Speaking via satellite link as part of a Comic-Con panel, Scott said:

“I’ll never work without 3D again, even for small dialogue scenes. I love the whole process. 3D opens up the universe of even a small dialogue scene so I’ve been very impressed with that.”

Damon Lindelof, co-screenwriter of Prometheus, was equally full of praise for the technology:

“3D helps bring you into that immersive environment and just based on what I’ve seen so far I think probably one the most visionary and visual directors in the world is finally using this medium, I think its going to be pretty special.”

Both critically acclaimed and a big box-office earner, Ridley Scott’s seal of approval may tempt other directors into the 3D-only fold.

Do you believe in a 3D-only future for cinema? Or has Scott’s judgement been replaced by a Replicant’s? Let us know in the comments below.

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Gerald Lynch
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  • Ok, so no more Ridley Scott movies for me. The 3D technology is not ready to replace 2D. There are so many annoying artifacts with 3D that it just isn´t worth watching a movie in 3D

  • 3D, now the more popular technology, everyone love to see the 3D movie, see the 3D picture.

  • “Do you believe in a 3D-only future for cinema?” No, no, no and not right now. The quality of picture and light from 3D right now is just not up to standards yet. I don’t require a holodec yet (soon please) but if you can view a 2D and 3D film side by side you will not go back to 3D. Its like accepting VHS with 3D when you are getting used to Blueray.

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