Wireless Audio on a budget – Audio Pro's rather clever WF100 dongles

Hi-Fi Systems, Wireless home

Here’s an interesting wirelss audio on a budget solution that has just been anounced by Audio Pro. It has unveiled the WF100 WiFi dongles, which it claims will take music from your PC to any audio system anywhere in your home. The audio signal is apparently high quality (lossless) and it works with CDs as well a digital audio software like Spotify and iTunes. Unlike some rival system the WF100 is completely device agnostic.

Basically you plug the transmitter into your laptop or PC and then the receiver and its accompanying power adaptor into the line output of any audio system. The company claims as it uses easy P-N-P solution it sets up in seconds. It also says it has a range of 50 metres too.

It will go on sale this month for around £150. More info here

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