VIDEO: Sony Android S1 and S2 tablets in bizarre advert

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We’re all very excited about the potential of Sony’s S1 and S2 tablets. However, with their stone-cold specs still thin on the ground, we were surprised to see this strange teaser trailer for the pair pop up online today.

Rather than revealing any more solid details on what to expect fromt the tablets, the advert uses a Heath-Robinson-style marble run and track to show one female ornament send a message of love via a Sony tablet to her male ornament friend.

It looks great but reveals nothing new about what’s actually going on with each tablet. So far all we know is that both will be Android Honeycomb tablets running Tegra 2 processors, with the clamshell S2 using dual 5.5 inch 1024 x 480 screens.

Still, it’s a neat little video, especially the strange “city-from-shadows” part in the middle. Click the video above to give it a look.

Gerald Lynch
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