VIDEO: Pranksters paste giant Windows logo to front of world's largest Apple Store

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Apple have a big day ahead of them, what with the WWDC 2011 conference kicking off at 6PM GMT, where Steve Jobs and co are expected to show off the iCloud, iOS 5 and OS X Lion among other things.

Exciting stuff no dobut, but it looks like by focussing all their energies on the San Francisco conference, Apple have allowed some Microsoft fanboys to score a hilarious low-blow point for Team Ballmer.

Hit the video above to watch two cheeky pranksters, disguised as road workers, climb up the boarding to what is soon to open as the world’s largest Apple Store in Hamburg and slap a giant Windows logo onto its side.

It’s probably big enough to see from up in the iClouds, though someone really shoiuld have prepped them on the correct order of the Window’s logo colour arrangements!

Via: Gizmodo

Gerald Lynch
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