Slick Samsung Series 9 3D LED monitor now on sale

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series-9-monitor.jpgSamsung’s Series 9 TA950 3D LED monitor, one of the stars of this year’s CES 2011 conference, is now up for sale.

An incredibly stylish monitor, the TA950 design is apparently inspired by origami, leading to a screen which looks like a thin sheet of folded paper. It wowed the crowds and won Samsung the coveted “Innovation Design and Engineering” award at the show.

It’s not just merely a looker though, with plenty of class leading features that would be worthy of you attention were it not already a jaw-droppingly chic bit of kit.

LED backlit, the 27-inch monitor uses around 40% less energy than traditional LCD displays, balancing out brightness depending on ambient lighting in the room.

With Samsung’s excellent Smart Hub built in (as seen in their Smart TV HDTV range), you’ll be able to download apps onto the monitor itself, giving you access to the likes of iPlayer and LoveFilm even if not connected to a PC. You’ll also get access to Samsung’s free-of-charge 3D Video On Demand service through the Smart Hub – handy considering the monitor’s 3D credentials.

Two 7-watt built-in speakers round off the impressive package, supporting Dolby Digital, SRS TheaterSound HD, DTS 2.0 and 3D Sound.

Gerald Lynch
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