OnLive announce Wii U battling tablet game streaming for iOS and Android

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onlive-mirror.jpgOnLive, the cloud streaming gaming service, announced the launch of a new app at the E3 conference that will allow console-quality games to be played on iPads and Android tablets.

The OnLive Player app will work much like other versions of the service, streaming the video content of games controlled by a player from powerful super computers located in OnLive’s remote HQ. However, this new tablet version of the service will allow for motion controls through the tablet’s accelerometers as well as touch-screen controls when enabled by the game developers. Ubisoft’s forthcoming “From Dust” god-sim (pictured) was demoed using these new functions.

In a move that will frustrate Nintendo following their Wii U launch, the new OnLive tablet app will also carry much of the “unique” functionality offered by the Wii U controller. As well as using a HDMI port with the OnLive Player app to mirror the tablet to a flatscreen TV, the app can also be used to show independent gameplay elements on both separate screens, or even allow personal-screen multiplayer experiences if two or more players are locally playing with OnLive tablet apps.

All tablet app versions will also be fully compatible with OnLive’s more traditional Universal Wireless Controller.

OnLive currently offer a tablet app called the OnLive Viewer, which is restricted to trailers, user-generated gameplay “bragging” clips and news on the service.

Via: Joystiq

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