Nokia N9 Meego smartphone revealed

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Think Nokia’s love-affair with Meego was dead once they snugled up next to Microsoft’s WP7 OS? Think again: Nokia have finally revealed the first mobile fruits of their labour with Meego, showing off the Nokia N9.

The Meego UI allows for a button-free front side of the smartphone, with a 3.9 inch AMOLED curved and scratch resistant touchscreen. A polycarbonate body makes up the exterior, which improves antenna performance and should prevent any iPhone 4 “Antennagate” style scenarios from occuring.

Meego settles in on a three-home-screen set up, each focussing on the most common functions of a smartphone: using apps, keeping track of notifcations, calls and social networking, and multi-tasking. Much like the Playbook’s QNX OS, nearly all functions are just a few swipes away as a result.

An 8 MP capable of HD quality video capture, with a wide angle lens, auto focus and strong low light perfromance sits on the back, with a first in the shape of Dolby Digital Plus decoding and Dolby Headphone post-processing technology.

NFC, Bluetooth, Wif-Fi and GPS connections all feature, with the phone available in three colours (black, cyan and magenta) and two size options (16GB and a whopping 64GB)

Set to sail into stores later this year, it’s all looking pretty promising for Nokia’s first Meego mobile. Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint like the N8 did.

Head on up for a quick demo video, and scroll down for some pictures of the slick-looking device.

Gerald Lynch
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