Nokia IM app to challenge BBM and iMessage

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IMforNokia.jpgNokia have revealed a new instant messaging app that will stop their users pining over Blackberry’s BBM service and the forthcoming iMessage for iPhones and other iOS devices.

The IM client isn’t a new proprietary offering however, but instead a collation of instant messaging platforms in one place. IM will let you chat to your Google Talk, Ovi Mail, Yahoo! Messenger and MySpace IM contacts all from one place.

It all feels a bit rushed though; this isn’t even a brand new collection of IM services, merely a re-packaged collection in reaction to Apple’s iMessaging announcement on Monday. The addition of MySpace IM is hardly one to shout from the tallest mountain; I can’t think of one pal who uses that service.

Still, as a free download from the Ovi Store, it’s hard to complain too much.

Gerald Lynch
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