New US law makes it illegal to share passwords for premium online services

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netflix-password.jpgLawmakers in the state of Tennessee have passed a measure which could potentially drastically change the way we use premium online services like Netflix and Rhapsody. The new law, awaiting the Tennessee governor’s signature, would make it a crime to share login information for paid-for online content portals.

While it’s unlikely those living in Tennessee who share accounts with a sibling or spouse will come under fire, those who share a single account with many friends that may live many miles apart could potentially be breaking the law when the measure becomes standard.

The bill is aimed at preventing hackers and black market merchants from selling passwords to bulk buyers, and is intended to quell the growing tide of piracy that password and licence sharing online now facilitates.

Though the law so far has only been put forward in Tennessee, it has the potential to set a precedent for lawmakers across the States, and potentially the rest of the globe too. It would likely receive the full backing of all major record industry labels, as they continue to struggle to find effective ways to monetise their music catalogues online.

Via: The Huffington Post

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