Mrs Doubtfire loves The Legend of Zelda!

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The Legend of Zelda adventure game series has thrown up an unlikely fan in the shape of Mrs Doubtfire star Robin Williams.

A veteran player of the series since the franchise’s first outing way back on the NES console in 1987, Williams loved the games so much that he named his daughter Zelda after the series’ often-kidnapped Princess.

“It seemed only natural. When my wife was pregnant, my son Zachary mentioned that Zelda would be the perfect name for his new little sister,” Williams recalls.

“Zelda… What a great name … it’s magical, like she is!”

Re-calling playing the game for the first time, the comedy legend said that “hours on hours would go by and we’d become completely immersed in the epic adventure.”

“My favourite part was solving the puzzles. I loved exploring every room to find secret passages and hidden objects. I vividly remember the sound the doors would make when they opened.”

The long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D remake for the Nintendo 3DS goes on sale tomorrow, June 17th, across Europe. Grab it from Amazon by clicking here.

Gerald Lynch
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