Minecraft and EVE Online latest LulzSec hack targets

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lulzsec-logo.jpgHacking collective LulzSec have struck again, this time with what appears to be a focussed attempt to disrupt the online workings of some of the most popular PC games.

Branding yesterday’s hacking activities as “Titanic Takeover Tuesday”, LulzSec launched DDoS attacks on Eve Online, Minecraft and League of Legends, as well as striking at FinFinsher and the Escapist magazine site, whose readership vocally chastised Lulzsec following the collective’s previous attack on games house Bethesda.

LulzSec were even taking phone-in requests for sites that the group’s followers wanted disrupted.

As ever, LulzSec used Twitter to give a commentary on their actions. “And that concludes our DDoS party: Escapist Magazine, Eve Online, Minecraft, League of Legends + 8 phone requests. #TitanicTakeoverTuesday,” read one post on the LulzSec Twitter feed.

“Now accepting calls from true lulz fans – let’s all laugh together at… gamers,” they continued.

It’s the latest in a growing line of hack attacks carried out by LulzSec. As well as the afore-mentioned Bethesda breach, LuzSec are also thought to be responsible for the massive Sony attack that brought the PSN down last month, as well as a breach of the NHS and attempted attack on Nintendo.

Via: Techworld

Gerald Lynch
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