IE10 Platform Preview 2 announced by Microsoft

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internet-explorer-thumb.jpgMicrosoft have just lifted the lid on Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 2, giving a glimpse at what’s to come with their next-generation web browser.

IE10 looks to further the solid work made with IE9, focussing on the “beauty of the web” by continued improvements in HTML 5 integration and fancy interactive web apps, drag and drop support File Reader API, Form Validation, Web Workers, CSS3 Positioned Floats and Media Query Listeners, as well as HTML 5 sandbox functionality and iframe isolation.

“With the second Platform Preview of IE10, developers can start working with several site-ready HTML5 technologies for building interactive Web applications with great performance and security,” says Microsoft.

“The Platform Preview can be downloaded from the IE Test Drive site, where you’ll also find some new demos which showcase new capabilities within IE10 Platform Preview 2.”

Once officially released, Microsoft pledge to support IE10 for ten years. IE10 is expected to leave the preview stage and become a final product alongside the release of Windows 8 next year.

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  • now, IE speed up its upgade too, as we see the firefox, how fast it is from the firefox 3 to the firefox 5. so, the IE is doing the same thing?

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