Fishy Wii U UK pricing and launch revealed by Zavvi: £399.85 next July?

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zavvi-wii-u.jpgFancy pre-ordering a Nintendo Wii U right now, despite the prototype console only having just been revealed at this week’s E3 without an official launch date? Then we’ll cautiously direct you over to the Zavvi online store, who suspiciously seem to have all the as-yet-unrevealed details on the console.

Head over to the product pre-order page and you’ll see that you will be able to pick up the console for a whopping £399.85, ready for delivery on July 20th 2012. While the launch date is almost certainly wishful thinking (the Wii U has “Must-Have Christmas Present Of 2012” written all over it, and likely a November launch to support that) we can’t help but think that console pricing is uncharacteristically high for Nintendo, considering the first Wii’s broad success was in part thanks to its low £179 UK launch price.

Also, what are you getting for £399.85? We’re still unsure as to what games are certain to launch with the console, let alone wether or not the impressive touchscreen controller will be bundled in too.

For now we’d take this listing with a pinch of salt, and urge all but the most hardcore of Nintendo fans to hold fire on pre-orders until a few more details are revealed.

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