First Google Chromium laptop goes on sale courtesy of Kogan

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The first commercially available laptop to feature Google’s Chromium OS has just popped up for sale online. The Australian made Kogan Agora will set you back £269 and is available now.

Chromium could be considered the open-source little brother of Google’s refined Chrome OS. As an open source project, it will have constant tweaks and updates applied by the wider development community at large, but may also be a little bit buggier as a result too.

In terms of hardware, the Agora features a 1.30 Intel Celeron M with 1GB of RAM, backed by a 30GB solid state drive. Portable at 1.32kg, the 12 inch laptop only manages 3.5 hours of batter life, though does squeeze in a webcam for VoIP calls.

“While Chromium is still in its early stages, we know the operating system is innovative technology which represents the future of computing” said Ruslan Kogan, boss of Kogan.

“It may take some getting used to for some to operate entirely in the cloud, but the massive benefits for the end user are driving acceptance of entirely web-based services.

“What we’ve found from talking to our customers is that many of them are already using cloud services without even realising it. They’re uploading photos to services like Flickr, storing all their contacts in Gmail, and even hosting files on DropBox.”

Click here for more info on the Kogan Agora.

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