AppBlaster brings AR alien blasting action into your living room

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In my day you’d be lucky if a toy gun made a clicking sound when you pulled the trigger, but the wonders of augmented reality tech make the AppBlaster plastic pistol a far more exciting prospect than the shooters of old.

By downloading a corresponding iOS app and clicking your iPod Touch or iPhone into the AppBlaster’s casing, your touchscreen becomes a viewfinder into a secret alien inavasion taking place in your real-world surroundings. It’s up to you, and your fake gun, to take them out.

Basically, the gun turns your living room, or anywhere you may take the AppBlaster, into a real world first-person shooter game, with the aliens appearing to fly into the screen from your very surroundings. As the gun uses rubber stamps on a mechanism to tap buttons on your touchscreen as you pull the trigger, there’s no actual electronics at work in the AppBlaster, keeping its cost low.

Available for pre-order now from, it’ll set you back just £20, with units due to be shipped by July 7th. Just make sure you don’t try any Bruce Willis-style action hero rolls while playing with the gun, if you value you’re Apple device’s dainty screen!

Gerald Lynch
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