150 more jobs face the chop at MySpace

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myspace-new-thumb.JPGMySpace’s star again drops a little lower in the social networking sky today. A new round of lay-offs are set to hit the staff of MySpace this week, according to a new report.

As many as 150 workers may get the boot, though in a somewhat surprising turn, many of them may actually want to get the sack.

“I think the management owes the employees severance because of the terrible management mistakes they presided over,” a source told Gawker.

News Corp have been looking to sell the troubled social network for some time now, with the latest rumoured buyersincluding Activision CEO Bobby Kotick. Though MySpace already made drastic job cuts in January, with as much as 47% of staff given the boot, further cuts would decrease the social network’s running costs and improve its chances of a quick sale.

Via: Tech Crunch

Gerald Lynch
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