Windows 8: App Store outed, trials revealed

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Microsoft may be remaining stubbornly tight-lipped concerning details of the Windows 8 operating system, but there are still details aplenty trickling through thanks to a recent leaked build of the OS being unearthed.

First up today is fairly conclusive evidence of a Windows 8 App Store, the logo for which you can see above. Digging into the code reveals references to trial app downloads which can later be used to unlock full versions of applications; something missing from Apple’s current offering on Macs. The Windows 8 app store will also show screens of the apps in use, as well as giving detailed system requirements.

Secondly, cloud based settings seem to feature heavily. There is evidence to suggest that a user could sync a persistent profile across numerous Windows 8 machines, having their personal settings available on each, as well as syncing apps between computers bought via the Windows 8 App Store.

3D display and WiFi Direct support are also hinted at. All we need now is some official word from Microsoft, before there are no secrets left for Ballmer to publicly out!

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Gerald Lynch
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