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tweetdeck-thumb.pngPopular third-party Twitter client TweetDeck has been bought up by Twitter themselves for a reported sum of between $50 million and $40 million.

Billed as a defensive move by some analysts, both cash and stock have exchanged hands between the two firms. UberMedia have also been recently linked to a deal with TweetDeck, with a 30 day exclusivity period for negotiations offered to the company who have already took control of the Echofon client. It seems Twitter have made the purchase to stop UberMedia from increasing their growing monopoly in the third-party client scene.

A UK start-up, TweetDeck launched in 2008. Linking in other social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Foursquare, the platform is available as both a desktop and mobile application across multiple operating systems.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Its really very good information. Thanks for sharing this info.

  • Its really very good information. Thanks for sharing this info.

  • Thats a lot of money but I use Tweetdeck and it is great, this was only a matter of time.

  • thats like google buying google news..? haha ok not really, they’re really just buying back their traffic- which I get… maybe next time they’ll worry about their user experience over their developers API

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