The kids are alright, says Mark Zuckerberg as he wants to allow children on Facebook

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There’s a strict age limit of 13 on Facebook at the moment, but it seems Mark Zuckerberg has ambitions of stretching his empire further by hooking’em in while they’re young.

The idea isn’t revolutionary – after all reports have it 7.5 million kids under the age limit are already using Facebook. According to TechEye, Zuckerberg told the NewSchools Summit in California that Facebook is a great place for children to learn from each other, but it remains to be seen whether the Facebook empire will be able to recruit among the young. At the moment, a pesky law called the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act means kids under 13 cannot join internet sites that collect personal data.

Facebook would need to put forward some convincing arguments as to the benefits of kids being on Facebook, along with, we assume, a host of security measures to protect them from unsavory influences. But Zuckerberg has achieved many things deemed far-fetched already in his young life, so we wouldn’t put it past him to find a way to get his way also this time.

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  • I don’t think its that bad a thing, imagine as your kids growing up you can send them messages “you just had your first tooth…wooo!”


    It all started when DAVID was logged in to the Harvard website,(2003) where I was listening in to the conversations of the Harvard students. One of these students was Mark Zuckerberg who was talking about Face Smash and he had just broken up with his girlfriend at the time, so I struck up a conversation with this Mark Zuckerberg. He was talking about creating a dating site. I thought this was a bit odd – a pie in the sky idea since he had just broken up with his girlfriend and he was slaging her off – calling her a bitch and a whore.
    dave talked to Mark about the idea, and suggested he call it Face Mash. He was intrigued with my suggestion and thought it was a good idea. Mark wanted to call it Face Smash, because he wanted to smash his ex in the face. I convinced him that Face Mash was a good idea and he agreed, but one week later he changed his mind and wanted to call it Face Smash. When I queried him about this he replied ‘f…. off you c…- I’m calling it Face Smash’. Two weeks after this conversation he came up with the name Mashable and when I asked him why he chose the word Mashable instead of Face Mash he said ‘f,…off you bastard, Face mash is not your idea’. So I re-posted the conversations we had two weeks earlier and he had to apologize and said he was going with Mashable. I took this as a sign that he wanted to throw me off the scent and take the site for himself. dave found the character of Mark Zuckerberg to be deceptive and dishonest and ended conversing with Mark Zuckerberg because of his dishonesty and lack of integrity


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