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Hi all. Just wanted to share with you our exciting big news. Always keen to do something a little different, we have launched our very first magazine.

It is called Technode, is 40 pages long and is completely free. You can read about…

* The summer’s 20 top gadgets.
* How 4G Mobile will mean we may get free broadband
* Why Augmented Reality is still the future
* The impact of coding on digital art
* Why Facebook has turned us all into liars

and lots more

You can get it in a number of ways

If you have an iPad download the free app here

If you have an iPhone/touch you can download the mag from Magcloud here. Note that reading the mag on the iPhone is easier if you read it in iBooks or another reader.

If you want to read the mag on your PC, other tablets or smartphones then grab Technode from Magcloud here

If you want a print version you can have one from here, but there is a charge.

There will be a version for the Kindle soon too

Anyhow hope you like it. Any feedback contact us via Technode’s Facebook page

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