Sigma DS1 DSLR packs in a ridiculous 46MP sensor

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We’re no newcomers to the “Megapixel Wars” but this is a bit ridiculous – Sigma are planning on launching a new DSLR camera with a 46MP sensor in Japan on June 10th. Called the Sigma DS1, it’s price will be just as high as its megapixel count.

But first, the specs; using classic 35mm stylings, that impressive megapixel stat is thanks to a Foveon 23.5×15.7mm APS-C X3 direct image sensor. Compatible with a range of interchangeable lenses, it uses Type 1 Compact Flash Cards and is UDMA-compatible in order to quickly process the masses of data a 46MP image contains. ISO sensitivity ranges from100 to 6400, while a 3-inch LCD TFT color monitor with 460,000 pixel resolution sits on the rear.

It’s a high end bit of kit aimed at pro photographers, so if you we’re expecting to get much change from a couple of month’s salary after buying this, think again. It’s expected to retail for around $9700, or £5978.

Gerald Lynch
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  • This is beyond ridiculous, who needs that big a resolution in an slr?

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