Shunned pensioners turn to the internet, new study reveals

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oap-internet.jpegOver half of the UK’s pensioners feel “silenced and ignored” according to a new study by the Nominet Trust. With 43% unable to recall the last time someone asked their opinion, many are now turning to the internet to have thier voices heard.

“Our study shows that more pensioners fire off emails on a weekly basis (70%) than pen letters (17%) and many older people are using the Internet to start businesses, to run voluntary groups, to engage with their local communities and yet we continue to marginalise this important and growing segment of our society,” said Annika Small, Director of Nominet Trust.

The study also found some interesting regional results too:

§ London pensioners most likely to use emails on a weekly basis (91%)
§ Pensioners in Yorkshire are the least likely to be asked their opinion (63%) followed closely by Welsh pensioners (62%)
§ Older people in the South East are most likely to feel their voice has been silenced (67%)
§ North West OAPs find it the hardest to get their opinions heard (84%)
§ Pensioners in the North East would most like to flirt with Simon Cowell via Twitter (15%)
§ Wales has the most Facebook users over 65 years old (54%)
§ Scotland has the most pensioners eager to learn to use Twitter (17%)

With over half (57%) of the older people questioned wishing there were more internet forums for OAPs to express their views, the Nominet Trust are offering £20,000 worth of funding and support to the person with the most innovative idea for getting pensioners’ voices herad online. The Nominet Trust are also launching the GreyMatters blog to help in this process.

“We hope our GreyMatters channel will highlight the personalities out there that are eager to express their thoughts and views. Discussing news and politics is of course high on the agenda but our older generation is also well aware of the fun to be had online,” added Small.

You check out the Grey Matters blog by heading over to

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