Samsung TVs get on demand 3D content

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samsung-d8000-top.jpgSamsung have launched a new 3D video content portal for their 3D TV range. Owners of 8000, D7000, D6500, D6100, D8000, D6900 and D5520 Samsung TV models can today download the Explore 3D app through the Smart TV connected service, which offers free, on demand 3D shows and movies.

There are currently 20 free 3D shows to watch alongside premium content, meaning that those without Sky 3D or Virgin 3D services, or those who’ve exhausted the miniscule 3D Blu-ray library currently available, now have a reason to don their 3D specs again.

Andy Griffiths, Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung UK said: “The demand for 3D is growing rapidly, but only a handful of channels are providing content. Samsung has led the 3D LED TV market since it launched last year, and the roll-out of our 3D video-on-demand service demonstrates our commitment to accelerating its growth. We believe that in the near future every viewer will have access to 3D content in the comfort of their own living room through a Smart TV. We will therefore continue to develop our Smart TV offering in order to provide consumers with the best viewing experience possible.”

Samsung promise that 70 videos will be available to be viewed through the Explore 3D portal before the year is out.

Gerald Lynch
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