Porn makes it onto the iPad, courtesy of Playboy

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Hugh Hefner is to bring his titilating Playboy magazine to the iPad. The entire 57-year back catalogue through the iPlayboy service, at a cost of $8 a month, $60 a year or $100 for two years.

Playboy’s chief content officer, Jimmy Jellinek, called iPlayboy “the world’s sexiest time machine”, which is “meant to appeal to that sense of collective nostalgia and affinity”.

Lonely teenage boys “no longer have to store 57 years – 682 issues – of Playboy under their mattress”, he added.

iPlayboy will not be an app, but instead a portal for accessing the tablet optimised magazines. Playboy have struggled over the last few years to keep up with the readily available, and free, adult content on the web.

Considering Steve Jobs’ continued anti-adult content stance on the iPad and its app store, we’ll be very interested to see how “The Hef” got his ladies onto the tablet.

Gerald Lynch
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