Osama Bin Laden threat lives on in Facebook malware scam

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bin_laden_thumb.jpgUS Navy Seals may have put an end to Osama Bin Laden’s reign of terror, assassinating the al Queda leader in his Pakistan compound, but the threat from America’s Public Enemy Number 1 still lives on in the unlikeliest of forms.

It seems that at least one opportunistic web scammer has used the terrorist’s death to spread malicious Facebook malware, intent on stealing all your personal details.

The threat in question poses as footage taken during the raid on the 9/11 mastermind’s HQ, capturing the moment he was killed. It’s of course a hoax, re-directing unsuspecting Facebook link-followers to malware.

It’s not the only Bin Laden-related scam currently doing the rounds; Facebook chat messages linking to suspect Javascript code have also been spotted, whilst the website belonging to Sohaib Athar (AKA @ReallyVirtual, the Twitter user who live-blogged the entire Navy Seals raid from his nearby home) has also been hacked to direct users to a Blackhole exploit, according to Websense.

Gerald Lynch
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