More Mango Windows Phone 7 update details revealed

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mango-wp7.jpgIt may not be selling as well as Microsoft had hoped, but their new(ish) Windows Phone 7 mobile OS, in a whole slew of smartphones, is still a nifty little number. And while the Mango update for the system is well overdue, at least it’s looking a pretty substantial one according to the latest details that have just been revealed.

As well as adding multi-tasking, were now told we’ll be getting the new Bing Audio and Bing Vision services and a Bing Maps update.

Bing Audio acts a little like Shazam, natviely integrating an audio recognition service, identifying jingles and tunes just by holding the phone to the audio source.

Another clone, Bing Vision apes Google Goggles. It allows you to search the web using your phone’s camera, which will identify logos, game, book and DVD covers as well as barcodes and text, throwing up serach results relevant to the processed image.

Updates to Bing Maps will include better navigation support, including turn-by-turn directions, increased podcast support while using maps handsfree and a speech-to-text-message feature.

Not ground breaking stuff, but all very useful nonetheless! Hurry up and get it finished now, eh Microsoft!

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