MeeGo packing Nokia N950 may touch down next week

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They’ve been a hell of a long time coming, but Nokia’s first MeeGo powered mobile may be launching next week. The Nokia N950, formally known as the N9 is the handset in question, with a recent FCC filing fueling speculation.

Unwired View have delved deeper into the afore-mentioned FCC filing, and have discovered that the confidentiality agreement Nokia have asked for is a surprisngly short one; a mere 45 days gagging order compared to the standard 90.

With the 45 days up on June 24th, we’re now expecting to see a handset revealed at next week’s MeeGo conference in San Francisco.

Though the phone itself therefore may be ready within a matter of weeks, it’s reported that this will be a developers-only device, meaning you wont be seeing the N950 at the Carphone Warehouse or on Amazon any time soon.

Still, it shows there’s still life in MeeGo yet, despite it now being seriously overshadowed by the imminent arrival of Nokia-branded Windows Phone 7 devices.

Gerald Lynch
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