First ever Mount Everest tweet made on a Samsung Galaxy S II

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Samsung are really pushing the extreme elements of their latest handset, the Samsung Galaxy S II, to its limits. First they’re sending Tech Digest’s very own Gerald hurtling around a rollercoaster for a super speedy unboxing video, and now they’re equipping intrepid mountain climbers with the handset too.

As a result, British climber Kenton Cool (yes that is his real, amazing name) has climbed the 29,000 feet of Mount Everest to become the first person to tweet and make a 3G phone call from the rocky summit. He also updated his Facebook page too, and we’re really hoping he checked into Places looking for some exclusive Everest deals or a free coffee. There’s a Starbucks on every corner right?

“I’ve climbed Everest before, but have never been able to share the exhilaration and excitement I experience when I reach the top with those back home,” he said.

“I unboxed the new Samsung Galaxy S II at base camp and was excited to be able to not only make a 3G connected call home, but also to use all the other great features like updating my Facebook status, tweeting on my journey up and posting a picture to share my moment with friends.”

We wonder what roaming charges are like all the way up there?

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