"Facebook" now a valid Scrabble word

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Scrabble has got a whole host of newly validated words in the Collins Official Scrabble Words book which should put a smile on tech-fans’ faces, and get purist wordsmiths all hot and bothered.

You’ll now be able to back up technology-related words such as “webzine”, “darknet” and “Facebook” should you have the tome at hand, as well as slang terms including “innit”, “thang” and “grrl”. Overall 3,000 new words have been added to the list, compiled by staff in Scotland.

Robert Groves, editor of Collins English Dictionaries and editor of the Scrabble book said: “The latest edition adds nearly 3,000 new words to the existing quarter of a million available to Scrabble players. These additions are an eclectic mix of new technological jargon, overseas English, recent colloquialisms, street slang, and a few phrases that had not made it on to the list until now.”

I certainly won’t be passing up the opportunity to pop “webzine” on a triple word tile. That’s 63 points right there, not to be sniffed at!

Via: The Scotsman

Gerald Lynch
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